BHKS Education Fund


The BHKS Education Fund was established by the Belgium Hong Kong Society (BHKS) in 2010 to sponsor exchange activities of young people (18 to 30 years old) between Belgium and Hong Kong with a view of promoting stronger and more sustainable ties.

The Fund is open for applications of the following projects:

  •  Short term academic, cultural, technology or sports exchange programmes between Belgium and Hong Kong;
  •  Other projects to enhance and promote intercultural activities related to Belgium and Hong Kong;
  •  Work or study experience that connects Belgium and Hong Kong.

Project Conditions

  •   Projects must be non-profit making;
  • Projects can be either "tangible" or web-based;
  •  May not necessarily imply traveling to Belgium or Hong Kong.

Application Process

  • Candidates may apply through their college / university / tertiary institution (including student's association), or individually if no longer in full-time education;
  •   Application may contain just one project, with a full description of the project, its benefits      (actual and potential), timing and budget – to a maximum of EUR 5,000 per project.  
  •   Deadlines for project submissions are November 20, 2020; June 25, 2021 (subsequent dates tbc).

    Interested applicants should submit an outline of the project, stating the goals and objectives and total budget, to the BHKS Secretariat:

    BHKS Secretariat
    Rue d'Arlon 118, 1040 Brussels,  Belgium
    Tel : +32(0)27 75 00 88
    Fax : +32(0)27 70 09 80
    E-mail :
    Website :

    The BHKS will take into account the following factors in considering the application:
  •  effectiveness in creating closer bilateral academic, social and cultural exchanges between Belgium and Hong Kong
  •   innovation of the project; i.e. whether the project involves innovative ideas in promoting the ties between the two places;
  •  number of individuals who are to directly benefit from the project.



BHKS Education Fund Application Form
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