The BHKS Education Fund was established by the Belgium Hong Kong Society (BHKS) in 2010 to sponsor exchange activities of young people between Belgium and Hong Kong with a view of promoting stronger and more sustainable ties.  

The Fund is open for applications of the following projects:

  • Short term academic, cultural, technology or sports exchange programmes between Belgium and Hong Kong;
  • Other projects to enhance and promote intercultural activities related to Belgium and Hong Kong;
  • Work or study experience that connects Belgium and Hong Kong.

Project Conditions

  • Projects must be non-profit making;
  • Projects can be either "tangible" or web-based;
  • May not necessarily imply traveling to Belgium or Hong Kong.

Application Process

  • Application is open throughout the year;
  • Candidates may apply through their college / university / tertiary institution (including student's association), or individually for applicants no longer in full-time education;
  • Applicants should fill in the application form below with the relevant information including description of the project, goals and objectives, coverage/benefits (actual and potential), timing and budget – to a maximum of EUR 5,000 per project;
  • Completed form and supporting documents should be submitted to the BHKS Secretariat for further vetting by the Board of the BHKS;
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome in three months after submission of the applications.

The BHKS will take into account the following factors in considering the applications:

  • effectiveness in creating closer bilateral academic, social and cultural exchanges between Belgium and Hong Kong;
  • innovativeness of the project; i.e. whether the project involves new ideas in promoting the ties between the two places;
  • project coverage or the number of individuals who get benefit from the project.

BHKS Secretariat
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BHKS Education Fund Application Form
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