The BHKS Education Fund sponsored Hazel’s participation in the Made in China Festival in Ghent in 2023 to show arts talent from Hong Kong to local audience in Belgium and to promote the connections between Hong Kong and Belgium.

Hazel Lam is a multidisciplinary artist from Hong Kong and is now based in Belgium.  Trained in dance (Manchester), contemporary circus (Sheffield, Turin and London) and music (Hong Kong), Hazel creates visually and conceptually compelling performances in theatre, film and outdoor work with artists employing different media.  She devotes herself in conversations and projects that concern equal representation of artists from diverse backgrounds.
Hazel has resided in Belgium since 2017 and has created full-length performances such as Lighthouse and Light Vessel.  Alongside performing for companies and her own creations on international tours, she is reading philosophy at The Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven and writes for major festivals and magazines in the UK and in Belgium.  She also teaches regular and master classes in creative movement in the air. 
In March 2023, Hazel's two screendance pieces Springs Steps and Beyond Distance were programmed by the Made in China Festival in Ghent and screened at the Minard.  Spring Steps was conceived and filmed in Hong Kong in Spring 2021 and Beyond Distance was conceived in 2016 and filmed in 2017 in Ghent.