The 2021-22 Budget of Hong Kong

The Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Mr Paul Chan, announced the 2021-22 Budget on 24 February 2021.  

With the epidemic still lingering, Hong Kong’s economy is yet to come out of recession.  Through the introduction of counter-cyclical measures costing over HK$120 billion (about EUR 12.7 billion), the Budget aims at easing the financial burden on people and businesses while ensuring that essential public services as well as infrastructure development are maintained.  It is equally important to grasp the major directions and new trends of future development to strategically enhance policy steering, support measures and resources allocation in key areas.  This will not only bring new impetus to Hong Kong’s industries, but also enable them to have a more dynamic, diverse and interactive development.  

Full text of the 2021-22 Budget

2021-22 Budget - Highlights leaflet