"Hello Hong Kong" Campaign

The "Hello Hong Kong" Campaign is officially launched in February 2023 to unveil a series of promotional activities of Hong Kong and highlight the many new attractions, developments and opportunities for visitors coming to Hong Kong.  "Hello Hong Kong" is a large-scale global promotional campaign focusing on four major areas. They include:  

(i) "Hello Hong Kong" as the over-arching theme to attract visitors to the city: distributing 500,000 free air tickets and welcoming people from around the world to come and experience the hospitality and new attractions of Hong Kong in person.
(ii) Sponsored visits for prominent guests: inviting business leaders, political dignitaries, media representatives and influential figures to come and experience the real Hong Kong, and share good stories of Hong Kong with their friends and contacts at home.
(iii) Going out to tell good Hong Kong stories: the Government will lead and organise different delegations to the Mainland and overseas countries to introduce the unparalleled strengths of the city, to tell the good stories of Hong Kong and to promote business, tourism and cultural exchanges.
(iv) Launching more MICE and mega events: major events on finance, economy, innovation and technology, sports, arts and culture as well as wine and dine events, together with large-scale international conventions and exhibitions, are coming back one after another, reviving the city’s MICE tourism sector.
Details in press release.  More can be found at Hong Kong Tourism Board.