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From 22 January 2022 to 13 February 2022
"Legends of Lion Dance" Exhibition
02 February 2022
Online Chinese New Year Celebration
17 March 2022
Offscreen Film Festival : HK Reception-cum-Screening
17 March 2022
Offscreen Film Festival : HK Reception-cum-Screening

Sponsored by BHKS and with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels, a Hong Kong reception-cum-screening event was held on 17 March 2022 at Cinematek in Brussels as a means to promote Hong Kong-Belgium connections during the Offscreen Film Festival (9 - 27 March 2022), which presented a special programme of 18 Hong Kong films this year.  The screening attracted some 100 participants, including guests from the BHKS, Hong Kong communities in Belgium and a sum of local film-lovers who were given a chance to experience the diversity of creative industry in Hong Kong through extraordinary films.

30 March 2022
Webinar - Hong Kong's Role in International Shipping & Logistics
From 29 August 2022 to 10 September 2022
40th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF)
14 September 2022
BHKS 2022 End of Summer Business Seminar