Hong Kong at Design Week in Brussels from 18 to 22 September

ta' ta' ta'

she' it' he'

ta' ta' ta'

The Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design is proud to showcase the works of some Hong Kong's best design talent at Design September 2013. In developing their works, the designers attempt to breach the boundaries of gender stereotypes by creating a collection that will redefine the closets and lifestyles of today's society.

This collection combines bold thoughts, fluid lines, explosive colours, a mix and merge of textures and shapes, visual arts and design. From hats to accessories, clothing to books and multimedia design, this exhibition specially created for ta' ta' ta' promises to intrigue and fascinate her, him and all.

18-21 September at The Egg, rue Bara/Barastraat 125, 1070 Brussels (Anderlecht) - Entrance free.

Special event:
The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office is hosting a special event at The Egg from 6pm to 8.30pm on 20 September. It will include a fashion presentation and a contemporary dance performance.  Guests will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and meet the designers.  Advance registration is required (please send an e-mail to: muriel_albert@hongkong-eu.org)